Vintage (Antique) Light Bulbs

Many of the designer light fixtures we sell are pictured with old-style exposed-filament light bulbs, reproductions of Thomas Alva Edison’s first creations. We are often asked where one can find these vintage bulbs. We’ll let you know shortly…read on.

Arteriors Home 49912

Reeves Large Polished Nickel/Glass Pendant from Arteriors Home, $888

Vintage bulbs have become a relatively low cost accessory for homeowners who want to tap into the popular Victorian industrial look and love how their antique glow warms up their atmosphere and builds an ambiance.

Despite the media hype to go green and switch to compact fluorescents (CFLs) – or perhaps because of it – the energy-guzzling reproductions are now hotter than ever. The exposed-filament bulbs create a very warm glow through a broad spectrum with many colors that can’t be matched by fluorescent or L.E.D. lamps.

Vintage Light BulbsThe old-fashioned bulbs have a casual air about them and wink at history, harking back to a simpler time, when people spent time at the dining table, eating, talking and enjoying good company.

Wait a minute…what about the United States government legislation to set up lighting efficiency standards and phase out of incandescent lighting in order to require the use of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives? Not to worry…Congressional aides say the new restrictions would not apply to the antique reproduction bulbs because they are not intended for general use.

So where can you find these unique bulbs? Check out Restoration Hardware or to browse a nice selection.