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Get an inside view of Uttermost from President Mac Cooper. Learn about Uttermost’s origins, product designers, product ranges, and global operations. Even if you are a long time customer, you’ll still be sure to learn something new and interesting about Uttermost. Just click on the video below.

This year marks Uttermost’s 38th anniversary in business. Founded by Bob and Belle Cooper, and still family owned, they are led by Mac Cooper, President/CEO, as well as a team of young but seasoned executives. In addition, the Uttermost family includes hundreds of employees in VA, CA, Asia, and over a hundred sales representatives globally. Their Designers include Carolyn Kinder, Grace Feyock, Billy Moon, Matthew Williams, David Frisch, Joe Famulari, and Constance Lael-Linyard. Their business mission is simple, to make great home accessories at a reasonable price. This has been their objective from the they we started 38 years ago.

Bring Dandelions Indoors

Just when it seemed that winter would never ever end, spring announced itself with a bumper crop of dandelions. This triggered a big smile for some people and sent others scrambling for the Ortho Weed-B-Gon. Which type are you? You you are in the latter group, read on…


Dandelion I from Paragon Picture Gallery, $229

Dandelion enthusiasts preach about the medicinal uses of the plant – it fights acne, lowers blood pressure and relieves indigestion, they say – and swap recipes for dandelion tea, dandelion soup, dandelion bread, dandelion quiche. The leaves are delicious sauteed in olive oil and garlic, but then what isn’t? The blossoms are yummy battered and deep fried (ditto).

We don’t actually know anyone who’s ever ingested a dandelion, and we’re not sure we recommend it, especially if it comes from a park where kids and dogs have been frolicking.

Still, we were so delighted to see them this year that we may never yank (or spray) one again. You may even have a desire to bring dandelions indoors!


Wild Dandelion Vases from Cyan Design, $46 – $77


Small Winnipeg Iron Dandelion Sculpture from Arteriors Home, $192


Curran Armchair from Uttermost, $922


Dandelion 6 Lt Pendant from Cyan Design, $3,138

After all – that’s not a weed. It’s a wildflower!

High Point: The World’s Home for Home Furnishings

High Point Market is an endless source of fabulous ideas and to find out where consumer tastes are heading. The semi-annual trade show, which tends to attract between 70,000 and 80,000 participants, wraps up this week. Below are a few posts on social media from some of our favorite brands while at Market.

Athena Hurricane, Large


Dove Chandelier

Genell Side Table

This market unfolds as the U.S. economy continues to make steps forward in recovery from the economic doldrums of the past few years. Industry sales slowly are creeping upward after hitting rock bottom five years ago. New orders for furniture were up by 2 percent to $1.87 billion in January, compared with January 2013. A number of industry analysts and insiders see continued improvements in the home furnishings industry.

Two For Tuesday

What is better than an Uttermost lamp to accentuate any home’s decor? How about a set of two (2) lamps at a volume discount? Uttermost packages some lamps 2 per box and sells them at a volume discount, passing along the savings realized through economies of scale.

Slate Lamp, Set/2

Slate Lamp, Set/2 ($250.80)

Uttermost lamps are hand finished. They take great pride in the depth and character of their finishes. Each finish is a multi-step process that typically includes hand leafing in gold or silver, and many layers of glazes and stains. All finishes are applied by hand.

Orienta Table Lamp, Set/2

Orienta Table Lamp, Set/2 ($237.60)

Uttermost lamp bases are typically constructed of wrought iron, porcelain, glass, leather, metal, hammered steel, cast aluminum, cast brass, or cast resin. The iron and steel is hand forged, while the cast materials are molded from an original hand carved original. Leathers are hand sewn and applied individually. The glass and porcelain are handcrafted, fired and time-cured in a furnace. The resin material is a very dense material that has the weight of hardwood, yet is much more durable.

Dansby Lamp, Set/2

Dansby Lamp, Set/2 ($215.60)

Aside from the lower cost, purchasing a set/2 lamps has other benefits. For instance, you can be assured they both come from the same production lot and will have an identical color and finish. Customers sometimes purchase a lamp on spec to see if they will like it and order a second lamp a month later only to find that there may be slight variations in dimensions, color and finish from lot to lot. Purchasing a boxed set of two assures both lamps will be identical in dimensions, color and finish.

Briley Lamp, Set/2

Briley Lamp, Set/2 ($347.60)

View all of Uttermost’s sets of lamps by clicking here.

Super Bar Carts

When you set up a home bar with all the right tools and supplies, entertaining is easy: guests can help themselves to drinks, so you’ll be free to relax and enjoy their company. Whether you are rooting for the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks on Superbowl Sunday, you can’t lose if you are enlisting the help of these fabulous bar carts to host your party.

Nicoline Serving Cart

Nicoline Serving Cart – $602.80

Uttermost 24307 – Forged iron with brass patina and clear, tempered glass. Features stemware hanger and rolling casters.

Hetty Bar Cart

Hetty Bar Cart – $1,437.60

Arteriors Home 4262 – The oval Hetty Bar Cart provides storage for a variety of bar essentials. The distressed red iron frame features a natural wood top and an antiqued mirrored shelf. Load up your favorite libations and let the party begin.

Avalon White Cart/Tray

Avalon White Cart/Tray – $495

Port 68 AFDS-191-02 – The Avalon bar cart keeps cocktail necessities at the ready in slick style. Crisp in a clean shade of white accented with silver hardware, this piece rolls with contemporary charisma in dining rooms and living rooms alike. Available in white, black, or turquoise.

Connaught Brass Bar Cart

Connaught Brass Bar Cart – $1,476

Arteriors Home 3075 – The sleek brass and glass Connaught bar cart makes entertaining a breeze. And when you are not entertaining, it makes a unique side table.

Leon Iron/Mirror Bar Cart

Leon Iron/Mirror Bar Cart – $792

Arteriors Home 6441 – The Leon bar cart features three tiers, three antique mirror finish trays, and durable casters for easy movement. The natural iron base is formed to resemble a professional cart you would see at a swanky restaurant, with two large handles that can double as towel holders. It functions equally well as a bathroom storage cart.

Lisbon Vintage Brass/Glass Bar Cart

Lisbon Vintage Brass/Glass Bar Cart – $1,200

Arteriors Home 6525 – Form meets function on the Lisbon bar cart by Arteriors, a classy example of vintage glamour  This 2-tiered storage unit with mirrored shelves sits on casters for mobility.

Expand serving and storage space without spending major cash. Bar carts are the ultimate multi-taskers; they morph from party buffet to cocktail station in a living room, a den, a dining room … really anywhere you would like to serve a drink. A new bar cart may be your best bet this football season. Browse our entire collection of bar carts for other options.

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