A Token of Appreciation

Inclement weather have you stuck inside this Labor Day weekend? Bring the whole family together with a board game and just enjoy one another’s company. How about Monopoly?

Own it all as a high-flying trader in the fast-paced world of real estate. Tour the board in a quest to own the hottest properties, railroads and utilities. Invest in houses and hotels, then watch the rent come pouring in. Make deals to trade with other players and also look out for bargains at auction.

Do you always rush to claim the dog token first? Maybe the race car? Before you choose your game token, read on and find out which game piece really exemplifies you!

Cyan Design 01863 - Sewing Thimble Token

Cyan Design 01863 – Sewing Thimble Token

1. Thimble
Modest and seemingly with little use, the Thimble is actually the token of champions…considering it was the one the reigning U.S. MONOPOLY victor, Richard Marinaccio, uses. You, the Thimble player, might appear timid, but you know what’s up: You’ll keep your (property) cards close to your chest, and other players will never know what your plan is until they end up bankrupt on Pennsylvania Ave.

Cyan Design 01864 - Dog Token

Cyan Design 01864 – Dog Token

2. Scottie Dog
Dependable and excitable, the Scottie Dog is quite the unique combination – you can definitely be counted on, but you’re also not opposed to acting out and being spontaneous too.

Cyan Design 01904 - Hat Token

Cyan Design 01904 – Hat Token

3. Top Hat
You don’t just have a good hat on your head, but a good head on your shoulders. You think strategically about the long game and never lose track of how much money you’re working with. If you’re a Top Hat player, you’re a by-the-books kind of person who generally keeps to yourself – but when it comes to MONOPOLY, you don’t mind taking that hat off every once in a while and letting loose.

Cyan Design 01905 - Automobile Token

Cyan Design 01905 – Automobile Token

4. Race Car
Race Car drivers are sleek, smooth operators. You look good, and you know it. The downside is that you can be impatient and also have to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

Cyan Design 01906 - Iron Token

Cyan Design 01906 – Iron Token

5. Iron
The Iron is a go-getter. You work hard and you play hard – which is probably why, like this token, you’re already retired…or well on your way.

Cyan Design 01907 - Shoe Token

Cyan Design 01907 – Shoe Token

6. Shoe
Practical and adaptable, if you choose the Shoe, you’re someone who people have come to count on. You know the value of hard work and don’t mind doing it, either.

And as our Token of Appreciation to all our hard working customers out there this Labor Day, use promo code LABORDAY to receive 10% Off your entire order this weekend!

Bring Dandelions Indoors

Just when it seemed that winter would never ever end, spring announced itself with a bumper crop of dandelions. This triggered a big smile for some people and sent others scrambling for the Ortho Weed-B-Gon. Which type are you? You you are in the latter group, read on…


Dandelion I from Paragon Picture Gallery, $229

Dandelion enthusiasts preach about the medicinal uses of the plant – it fights acne, lowers blood pressure and relieves indigestion, they say – and swap recipes for dandelion tea, dandelion soup, dandelion bread, dandelion quiche. The leaves are delicious sauteed in olive oil and garlic, but then what isn’t? The blossoms are yummy battered and deep fried (ditto).

We don’t actually know anyone who’s ever ingested a dandelion, and we’re not sure we recommend it, especially if it comes from a park where kids and dogs have been frolicking.

Still, we were so delighted to see them this year that we may never yank (or spray) one again. You may even have a desire to bring dandelions indoors!


Wild Dandelion Vases from Cyan Design, $46 – $77


Small Winnipeg Iron Dandelion Sculpture from Arteriors Home, $192


Curran Armchair from Uttermost, $922


Dandelion 6 Lt Pendant from Cyan Design, $3,138

After all – that’s not a weed. It’s a wildflower!

We’re in Country Living Magazine!

We’re thrilled to announce that Country Living magazine contacted us a few months ago and asked to feature one of our baker’s racks in their April 2013 issue! Be sure to check it out! “Fresh Picks” on page 32.


The article is entitled Top-Shelf Storage – The greatest thing since sliced bread: these updates on the classic baker’s rack. Our slender Sydney Bakers Rack (item CD-04927) is one of 5 pieces chosen for the magazine:

Caged – Based on a commercial design from the early 1900s, one example (on page 31) features mango-wood shelves and a wraparound steel frame.

Bargain – This piece – built of ash and pewter – provides big-time organizing solutions at a minimal price at $187.

Slender – Just two feet across, our Sydney Bakers Rack is perfect for tight spots.

Repurposed – Go Home’s ample unit fashioned from iron and reclaimed pine, can serve as a living room bookcase too.

Multi-functional – A bit of a splurge at $1990, this rack extends counter space with a maple butcher block.

We’ve gotten a lot of attention (and orders) for the slender Sydney Bakers Rack due to the national exposure. Customers have contacted us after taking delivery to tell us how pleased they are with their purchase. Add storage and function to the hardest working room in the home with this well-designed piece profiled in Country Living magazine!

50 Shades of Green

There’s a sign on a beam in Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse…


With St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday, it’s time for a few ideas (i.e. 5 not 50) on how to decorate with green + a recipe for Irish Mussels in Guinness Cream Sauce!

Cyan Design 05668 - Villasa Vase, Large

Large Villasa Vase (Cyan Design 05668) – Can’t fully commit to green? This beautiful white vase is green inside.

Uttermost 19716 - Gian Containers, Set/3

Gian Containers, Set/3 (Uttermost 19716) – Distressed, crackled green ceramic with etching and antiqued khaki undertones. Sizes:Sm-7x8x5, Med-7x11x6, Lg-8x13x7

Howard Elliott 26043 - Sagittarius Mirror

Sagittarius Mirror (Howard Elliott 26043) – The Sagittarius Mirror is a round contemporary piece featuring a sleek frame finished in a moss green lacquer.

IMAX 44083 - Vivid Small Watering Can

Vivid Small Watering Can (IMAX 44083) – From IMAX’s Vivid Collection, this bright and cheerful blue and green water can is water tight and features top and side handles. Perfect for keeping plants around in your garden green all summer!

Port 68 LPAM-150-03 - Katie Mini Ball Lamp, Palm Green - Set/2

Palm Green Katie Mini Ball Lamps, Set/2 (Port 68 LPAM-150-03) – Soft palm green is featured in the Katie mini accent lamp. Made with  a crackled porcelain glaze. Nickel hardware. Hi/lo line switch. Paper shade.

Hope you enjoyed our St. Patrick’s Day roundup. Now raise a pint of Guinness and celebrate being Irish – even if you’re not! More of a foodie than a beer drinker? Here are eight signature Guinness recipes – ranging from traditional beef and Guinness stew, to Irish Mussels in Guinness Cream Sauce. Doesn’t it look delicious?!

Irish Mussels in Guinness Cream Sauce



What’s new for 2013?

Celebrate the new year with Bronson Design Studio! We’ve been working hard adding all the exciting new products our manufacturing partners introduced at the winter markets in Atlanta, Dallas & Las Vegas last month. See over 1500 new intros from your favorite brands on our updated website – all added within the past 30 days:

New Intros

You’ll be pleased to find exciting new introductions across all of our product categories; Accent Furniture, Decorative Accessories, Artwork, Lighting, Mirrors, and now for the first time…Rugs! With the help of our convenient swatch program, you can be sure that the rug you choose is just right for your home. Order a 16″ x 16″ rug swatch from us and the $25 purchase price is fully refundable if you buy a rug from us and return the swatch.

Uttermost Rugs