Say NO to the Internet Sales Tax

We at strongly encourage you to oppose efforts to include H.R. 2193, the Remote Transaction Parity Act (RTPA), in the Fiscal Year 2018 Omnibus spending legislation. This unfair and damaging proposal would require Internet marketplaces to charge sales tax on out-of-state purchases, which have always been sales tax free.

Under this proposal, items sold to buyers from small, out-of-state companies, artisans, and even average consumers over the Internet will be taxed. This harmful legislation lacks any exemption for small businesses that use marketplace tools – forcing these small businesses to meet costly and resource constraining compliance and audit requirements in states where they do not even have a presence.

Opposing the internet sales tax is easy – just click here, complete the simple form, and a letter will be sent to your members of Congress on your behalf. It takes less than 60 seconds.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Go for the GOLD

Congratulations to teen snowboarder Chloe Kim – who delivered on the biggest stage, earning her first Olympic gold medal in women’s snowboard halfpipe on Tuesday morning in South Korea. She become the youngest woman in history to win an Olympic gold medal on snow for Team USA.

The 17-year-old from California dominated the field of a dozen riders. She posted a score of 93.75 during the first of her three runs in the finals and a 98.25 in the last run.

You too can bring home the gold – from Grecian gold leaf bands, to antique gold rustic frames, to warm oxidized gold finishes, the inviting jewel toned metal accents would elevate any space.

Currey & Company 4000-0043 - Sabine Console

Currey & Company 4000-0043 – Sabine Console

Our Sabine console table has ample band-width, the flat straps of looping wrought iron that arc from the bottom to the top frames are elegant in a Grecian gold leaf finish. The glamorous black glass top makes this a stunning example of tonal juxtapositions at which our talented design team is so adept. The Sabine, which measures 56″ wide by 16″ deep by 31″ tall in this iteration, is also offered as a side table.

Howard Elliott 56007 - Edwin Gold Mirror

Howard Elliott 56007 – Edwin Gold Mirror

Our Edwin Mirror features a bold rectangular frame accented in each corner with a scrolling flourish. The entire piece is finished in a bright antique gold. On its own or in multiples, the Edwin Mirror is a perfect focal point for an entryway, bathroom, bedroom or any room in your home. D-rings are affixed to the back of the mirror so it is ready to hang right out of the box in either a horizontal or vertical orientation! The mirrored glass on this piece has a bevel adding to its beauty and style.

Uttermost 24448 - Couper Tray Table

Uttermost 24448 – Couper Tray Table

Our Couper Tray Table was designed by Grace Feyock for Uttermost. Wooden tray-styled top covered in oxidized copper sheeting, with iron handles and frame finished in burnished gold leaf.


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Poinsettia Pointers

The red flowering poinsettia is by far the most popular flowering potted plant for the Christmas season. White, pink, and variegated white and pink are also available. If properly cared for, you can avoid the drudgery of cleaning up their dropped leaves.

To prolong the beauty and health of poinsettias, proper care is essential. Although poinsettias do not become acclimated to interior settings as well as most foliage plants, it is easy to be successful. First, select a location that receives some sunlight — interior hallways are a poor location. It is also very important to avoid exposing the plant to sudden temperature changes — this would be a problem if the poinsettia was placed near a ventilation system or in a drafty spot near a doorway. Temperatures found in most homes are acceptable. Ideally, provide 70 to 75 degree F. days and 62 to 65 degree F. nights.

Watering is the key to success. NEVER allow the soil-less medium in which the plant is being grown to dry out thoroughly causing the plant to wilt. To avoid this, water DAILY by adding ice cubes to poinsettias. Ice cubes should be evenly distributed DAILY around the surface of the pot in which the plant is growing. The ice cubes melt slowly providing uniform wetting of the planting medium. Since ice cubes are added DAILY, the medium never dries and the plant never experiences a fatal wilt and loss of leaves. Watering with ice cubes also avoids water or mist on the colored bracts and or foliage. Also, adding the small amount of water contained in the ice cube avoids soaking the root system. Letting the poinsettia stand in water for more than 30 minutes to an hour can cause root damage resulting in defoliation and/or plant death.

  • Put 4 ice cubes (64 ml of water) per day per quart-size or 6 1/2-inch pot which is the most common size sold;
  • Put 8 ice cubes (128 ml of water) per day per 8-inch pot;
  • Put 12 ice cubes (192 ml of water) per day per larger, 10-inch pot.

Remember that this watering technique provides supplemental watering only. If the plant wilts or the potting mix in which it is growing feels dry, rehydrate the mix by soaking (floating) the pot in water (kitchen sink, clean toilet, bucket) until the roots are completely saturated – then begin the daily ice cube watering schedule again. Poinsettias are closely related to many desert plants. Their first response to dry conditions is to drop their leaves in order to cut down water loss. Plants should be checked weekly for moisture content of the potting medium, i.e., if moist, then continue the ice cube regiment; if not, water (soak) the roots.

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DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

The holidays are meant to be a time to enjoy precious moments spent with family and friends, but all too often we find ourselves spending too much money to decorate our homes perfectly. The good news is there are plenty of quick and easy ways to make your home festive; a few garlands of evergreens, a colorful wreath in the window, or an arrangement of simple votive candles flickering on the mantel can create an abundance of cheer. You can also create your own Christmas tree ornaments. Personalized ornaments are a great idea if you have a certain specific decorating scheme in mind. Decorate ornaments with paint, glitter, or ribbons and sequins.

Here are our top 10 easy-to-make DIY Christmas tree ornament ideas in no particular order:

Mini Sleds
Oh, what fun it is to ride on these cute, little popsicle sleighs!

Get the tutorial at Clean and Scentsible.

Mini Snow Globes
For these winter wonderland globes, you’ll need plastic old-fashioned light bulb ornaments, white glitter, mini bottle brush trees, red and white striped baker’s twine, and a hot glue gun.

Get the tutorial at No Biggie.

10-Minute Photo Keepsake Ornaments
Make your favorite holiday memories last a lifetime with these quick personalized ornaments. Grab your photos, cut them into circles, and apply to wood slices using Mod Podge.

Get the tutorial at Simple As That.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament
Making (and then hanging) these adorable felt trees is an easy craft for the whole family.

Get the tutorial at This Heart of Mine.

Rustic Boho Twig Arrows
Take a more bohemian approach with your ornaments by making arrows with twigs, feathers, and wooden beads.

Get the tutorial at Thoughts From Alice.

Scrabble Tile Ornament
Add the title of your favorite Christmas tune to your tree by using Scrabble tiles.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda

Red Nose Reindeer Ornament
Use two-and-a-half wine corks and a little bit of fabric scrap to create a miniature Rudolph.

Get the tutorial at The Homeless Finch.

French Macaroon Ornament
Give your tree a French twist by adding these colorful sweets! These faux macaroon ornaments can be made using either polymer clay or fondant.

Vintage Map Ornament
Recycle your old paper maps by turning them into ornaments! Simply follow this blogger’s surprisingly easy folding technique, then loop with a ribbon to finish.

Get the tutorial at Chic California.

Upgrade a Plain Glass Ornament
At around a dollar each, these empty orbs offer an affordable catalyst for creativity. Fill one with small wooden chips, another with a single each, these empty orbs offer an affordable catalyst for creativity. Fill one with small wooden chips, another with a single stunning peacock feather (attached to the ornament’s top with hot glue). Or compose a more obvious Christmas scene by dropping a model fir tree into a globe dusted with artificial snow. You can also use tweezers to position branches inside and even hot-glue a tiny cardinal in place.

Create a new keepsake with these easy-to-make ornament ideas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Bronson Design Studio!

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A Token of Appreciation

Inclement weather have you stuck inside this Labor Day weekend? Bring the whole family together with a board game and just enjoy one another’s company. How about Monopoly?

Own it all as a high-flying trader in the fast-paced world of real estate. Tour the board in a quest to own the hottest properties, railroads and utilities. Invest in houses and hotels, then watch the rent come pouring in. Make deals to trade with other players and also look out for bargains at auction.

Do you always rush to claim the dog token first? Maybe the race car? Before you choose your game token, read on and find out which game piece really exemplifies you!

Cyan Design 01863 - Sewing Thimble Token

Cyan Design 01863 – Sewing Thimble Token

1. Thimble
Modest and seemingly with little use, the Thimble is actually the token of champions…considering it was the one the reigning U.S. MONOPOLY victor, Richard Marinaccio, uses. You, the Thimble player, might appear timid, but you know what’s up: You’ll keep your (property) cards close to your chest, and other players will never know what your plan is until they end up bankrupt on Pennsylvania Ave.

Cyan Design 01864 - Dog Token

Cyan Design 01864 – Dog Token

2. Scottie Dog
Dependable and excitable, the Scottie Dog is quite the unique combination – you can definitely be counted on, but you’re also not opposed to acting out and being spontaneous too.

Cyan Design 01904 - Hat Token

Cyan Design 01904 – Hat Token

3. Top Hat
You don’t just have a good hat on your head, but a good head on your shoulders. You think strategically about the long game and never lose track of how much money you’re working with. If you’re a Top Hat player, you’re a by-the-books kind of person who generally keeps to yourself – but when it comes to MONOPOLY, you don’t mind taking that hat off every once in a while and letting loose.

Cyan Design 01905 - Automobile Token

Cyan Design 01905 – Automobile Token

4. Race Car
Race Car drivers are sleek, smooth operators. You look good, and you know it. The downside is that you can be impatient and also have to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

Cyan Design 01906 - Iron Token

Cyan Design 01906 – Iron Token

5. Iron
The Iron is a go-getter. You work hard and you play hard – which is probably why, like this token, you’re already retired…or well on your way.

Cyan Design 01907 - Shoe Token

Cyan Design 01907 – Shoe Token

6. Shoe
Practical and adaptable, if you choose the Shoe, you’re someone who people have come to count on. You know the value of hard work and don’t mind doing it, either.

And as our Token of Appreciation to all our hard working customers out there this Labor Day, use promo code LABORDAY to receive 10% Off your entire order this weekend!

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