Learn about Uttermost

Get an inside view of Uttermost from President Mac Cooper. Learn about Uttermost’s origins, product designers, product ranges, and global operations. Even if you are a long time customer, you’ll still be sure to learn something new and interesting about Uttermost. Just click on the video below.

This year marks Uttermost’s 38th anniversary in business. Founded by Bob and Belle Cooper, and still family owned, they are led by Mac Cooper, President/CEO, as well as a team of young but seasoned executives. In addition, the Uttermost family includes hundreds of employees in VA, CA, Asia, and over a hundred sales representatives globally. Their Designers include Carolyn Kinder, Grace Feyock, Billy Moon, Matthew Williams, David Frisch, Joe Famulari, and Constance Lael-Linyard. Their business mission is simple, to make great home accessories at a reasonable price. This has been their objective from the they we started 38 years ago.