How to Create a Bar in a Tight Space & Mix Like a Pro

Having an elegant and well-stocked bar in your home is a level up. It says to the world, “Yes, I do have it together.” (Whether or not you actually have it together is your secret, but your bar won’t be the one to spill it!) Do it right, and you’ll add a touch of class to your space, in addition to introducing a new decor element.

Global Views Galapagos Bar – Carved dark wood set off the contrasting brass hardware inspired by the turtlebacks of the oversized species in the Galapagos island.

Read the full guide by Cassandra Rosas. It will walk you through how to get started, what you’ll need, and some helpful tips for having a dedicated bar in a smaller space such as utilizing:

Bar Carts

The best part of the bar cart if you have limited space is that it’s portable. Second, it’s classy and can be a fun design piece. Wheel it out when you need it, and tuck it safely away when you don’t. Bonus points in the summer because it is easy to move outside with you. This is a perfect option if you’re renting and don’t want to put anything on the walls.


If you can designate some of your countertop space for a bar area, there are a few things you can do to maximize that space. Get a tray that fits the size you can allot to your bar. This helps show that it’s an intentional space and not just a cluttered area of your counter and makes cleaning easier. Then, buy glass racks and hang them under the cabinets to store stemmed glassware. Consider a tiered corner rack for storing smaller bottles, bar tools, etc.

Console Tables

If you have the space for it, a console table is an excellent option for smaller areas. Often also called a sofa table or hallway table, they are thinner and come with and without cabinet space underneath. A glass top console table will make clean up easier and less prone to damage from liquids than wood or veneer.


The cousin of the bar cart, a bar tray is great if you need to dismantle your bar at the end of each use. Whereas a bar cart is great because it can be moved to another area of your home, that’s still not overly helpful if you don’t have an area to put it. A bar tray might be your best bet in this case, as even an oversized tray can be tucked away in the back of a closet or under a bed, and the bottle and bar tools put away in drawers and cabinets.

Built-In Bars

If you’re really committed, the built-in bar is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be gigantic – think about if your home has any oddly-placed nooks or alcoves that don’t see much use. These might be perfect places for a built-in bar! Bonus points if you put a sink in. (Pro tip – it doesn’t even have to be connected to plumbing, it’s just nice to have a place to put your ice, and it can drain into a bucket underneath).