Go BIG or go home!

Chandeliers have always been a popular lighting option because they can highlight spaces and bring some pizzazz and sparkle to a room.

Size matters when you need a BIG Chandelier! We have the biggest and brightest chandeliers in stock now for your design projects. With chandeliers as large as 62″ dia x 74″ H,¬†our large chandeliers will definitely capture your eye. Don’t miss an opportunity to incorporate a big statement piece!

Large Chandeliers

These grand chandeliers can be found in a variety of materials such as hand-carved wood, porcelain, brass, and hand forged iron. Chandeliers made of wood are unique and can be casual in a variety of styles from rustic to contemporary. Crystal and brass chandeliers are great for more formal rooms because they are meant to sparkle and impress. Iron chandeliers are also usually on the formal side with their antique look.