Frosty the Light Bulb

Bulb selection is just as thought provoking these days as the fixture you choose. Incandescent bulb options range from silver tipped round bulbs to tubular bulbs or frosted and clear bulbs.

What’s the difference between Frosted and Clear Incandescent Light Bulbs? There is no difference between the two types of bulbs other than the interior surface of the globe. The construction of the filament and base are identical. The interior glass of frosted light bulbs contains a substance that coats the glass and diffuses the light. Clear bulbs do not contain any special coatings.

Zanadoo Antique Brass Chandelier, Large

Large Zanadoo Antique Brass Chandelier (Arteriors 89991)

Frosted light bulbs are made to produce a softer, diffused light that is good enough to light an area without irritating ones eyes. These are great for family rooms, bed rooms, living and dinning rooms.

Zanadoo Polished Nickel Chandelier, Large

Large Zanadoo Polished Nickel Chandelier (Arteriors 89989)

Clear light bulbs give off light that is brighter and suitable for everyday applications, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Zanadoo Antique Brass Wall Sconce

Zanadoo Antique Brass Wall Sconce (Arteriors 49996)

Vintage bulbs have become a relatively low cost accessory for homeowners who want to tap into the popular Victorian industrial look and love how their antique glow warms up their atmosphere and builds an ambiance.

Take advantage of the of the inherent versatility a light fixture offers by choosing your favorite bulb to display. Achieve a unique look for a wall sconce or chandelier with your favorite bulbs, or mix it up by changing the type of bulb from season to season.