Decoratively Challenged?













Grab your No. 2 pencil. Here are a few questions from Mark McCauley’s “In-Depth Personality Quiz To Determine Whether A Person Is Decoratively Challenged Or Simply Male” from his 1995 Paperback called “Interior Design for Idiots A Self Help Guide to Interior Design”

1. Your family room is located:
a) at the back of your home
b) at the front of your home
c) off the kitchen
d) at your neighbor’s home because you can’t stand yours

2. Does your dining area resemble:
a) a quaint 18th Century English country dining room
b) a formal Victorian dining room
c) a contemporary California-style eatery
d) the chuck wagon on “Rawhide”

3. Your favorite chair style is:
a) Chippendale
b) Queen Anne
c) Regency
d) folding

4. When choosing a personal style for yourself you:
a) research the topic
b) phone a friend
c) visit the library
d) call the Psychic Connection

5. When was the last time you redecorated?
a) within the past 6 months
b) 2015
c) 2000
d) did what?

Here’s a hint at how you’d score on the complete quiz:

If you answered “c” or “d” to any of the questions, you’re in trouble, says McCauley. If you did not, there is “some hope.”

Best, says McCauley, is if you had simply thought about the questions, but refused to answer: “You are a person of character who wouldn’t stoop to attempting to understand their personality by answering a bunch of goofy questions.”


“Interior Design for Idiots” is available on Amazon.