Creating a Relaxing Home Retreat

As much as you’d love to hit the beach or mountains for an escape from daily stress, sometimes it just isn’t possible. But you can recreate that retreat in the comfort of your own home. It takes some thought, rearranging, and a little creativity, but luxury and relaxation aren’t far away. 

Your first task is to find a space that can act as your escape. The bedroom is the logical choice. It’s your most private space and stays hidden from the rest of the world. If you have an ensuite, you could even turn your retreat into a spa. However, if the bedroom doesn’t work, any space that offers privacy will do. 

Clear the Clutter

A cluttered space can trip up your mind as much as it does your body, causing anxiety and affecting your ability to sleep. Move everything out that creates visual or mental noise. Get this room down to the bare bones. If books and magazines litter your nightstand or an end table, sort and take them out. If it’s overcrowded with furniture, pick the vital pieces and repurpose the rest throughout your home. As you get rid of visual stimulation, you’ll create space for your mind and body to decompress. 


Bathe the space in natural light. Of course, if you’ve chosen the bedroom as your retreat, you’ll also have to block that light at night for the best sleep. Natural light helps set the body’s circadian rhythms, which regulate your sleep and eating cycles. 

Light also affects your mood. Light and airy often feel inviting and open, which is perfect for a daytime retreat. However, window treatments like blackout curtains, drapes, and blinds that give you the option of privacy night or day are a good idea. Add table lamps and floor lamps and other artificial light sources to keep the right mood no matter the time of day. 

Accessorize with Purpose

You decluttered, but now it’s time to add personality. Accessories add depth, and in this case,  the welcoming touches that make your retreat uniquely yours. Appeal to your senses. Soft inviting textures in pieces like rugs, throws, and pillows, especially natural fabrics like linen or cotton, are perfect for sitting down and staying awhile.  

Add a sound system or keep a portable speaker hidden in the room so you can add nature sounds or your favorite soothing playlist. Don’t forget about your sense of smell. A diffuser loaded with calming jasmine or lavender can leak stress from your body and fully prepare you for pampering. They can be hidden or become part of the decor with faux wood exteriors or those that allow you to change the color to suit your mood. 


Whether it’s leather or linen that makes you feel safe and far from stress or an animal skin rug and a chaise lounge, your retreat should fit your lifestyle and home. With the right design, a retreat can be a barrier from the stress and demands of the outside world.