A Token of Appreciation

Inclement weather have you stuck inside this Labor Day weekend? Bring the whole family together with a board game and just enjoy one another’s company. How about Monopoly?

Own it all as a high-flying trader in the fast-paced world of real estate. Tour the board in a quest to own the hottest properties, railroads and utilities. Invest in houses and hotels, then watch the rent come pouring in. Make deals to trade with other players and also look out for bargains at auction.

Do you always rush to claim the dog token first? Maybe the race car? Before you choose your game token, read on and find out which game piece really exemplifies you!

Cyan Design 01863 - Sewing Thimble Token

Cyan Design 01863 – Sewing Thimble Token

1. Thimble
Modest and seemingly with little use, the Thimble is actually the token of champions…considering it was the one the reigning U.S. MONOPOLY victor, Richard Marinaccio, uses. You, the Thimble player, might appear timid, but you know what’s up: You’ll keep your (property) cards close to your chest, and other players will never know what your plan is until they end up bankrupt on Pennsylvania Ave.

Cyan Design 01864 - Dog Token

Cyan Design 01864 – Dog Token

2. Scottie Dog
Dependable and excitable, the Scottie Dog is quite the unique combination – you can definitely be counted on, but you’re also not opposed to acting out and being spontaneous too.

Cyan Design 01904 - Hat Token

Cyan Design 01904 – Hat Token

3. Top Hat
You don’t just have a good hat on your head, but a good head on your shoulders. You think strategically about the long game and never lose track of how much money you’re working with. If you’re a Top Hat player, you’re a by-the-books kind of person who generally keeps to yourself – but when it comes to MONOPOLY, you don’t mind taking that hat off every once in a while and letting loose.

Cyan Design 01905 - Automobile Token

Cyan Design 01905 – Automobile Token

4. Race Car
Race Car drivers are sleek, smooth operators. You look good, and you know it. The downside is that you can be impatient and also have to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

Cyan Design 01906 - Iron Token

Cyan Design 01906 – Iron Token

5. Iron
The Iron is a go-getter. You work hard and you play hard – which is probably why, like this token, you’re already retired…or well on your way.

Cyan Design 01907 - Shoe Token

Cyan Design 01907 – Shoe Token

6. Shoe
Practical and adaptable, if you choose the Shoe, you’re someone who people have come to count on. You know the value of hard work and don’t mind doing it, either.

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Holiday Wine Buying Tips

Holiday celebrations and sipping wine often go hand-in-hand, but where do you start when you’re shopping for a good bottle? If the choices seem overwhelming, the wine experts at Consumer Reports can help!

Paragon 9054 - Wine Cellar

This beautiful canvas transfer entitled Wine Cellar ($218) is by Paragon, a five-time winner of the coveted ARTS Award in Wall Decor Manufacturing.

In blind taste tests of 40 cabernet sauvignons and sauvignon blancs, Consumer Reports experts found terrific choices at several price points. The top-rated cabernet is this Louis Martini, from Napa Valley. But for $25 a bottle, you might want to save it as a special gift.

“The good news is that about half the wines we like cost around $15 or less,” Sue Perry of Consumer Reports said. That includes this Consumer Reports Best Buy, an $11 bottle of cabernet from “14 Hands” – which goes nicely with an herb-roasted chicken.

Want a white instead? Even the top-rated sauvignon blancs are pretty reasonably priced.

Spy Valley took the top spot for $15. Tasters called it delicious, with tropical fruit notes – and it’s food-friendly, particularly with sushi. Spend even less, $12 a bottle — for the Villa Maria Private Bin sauvignon blanc. It’s full-flavored and complex, and works really well with grilled shrimp.

“If you’re hosting for the holidays, as a general rule, cabernets go really well with heartier foods like roast turkey with stuffing and gravy. But on the other hand, if you’re serving mostly fish on your menu, you might want to consider one of the sauvignon blancs,” Perry said.

So you’ve got several solid choices that will complete any holiday meal. And once the leftovers are put away and the dishwasher is loaded, why not kick back with a glass of wine and feast on the savings we are currently offering through Cyber Monday?


Be sure to take a look at the wide variety of wine holders available in our virtual showroom.

This post is based on an article in the December 2013 issue of Consumer Reports magazine, pages 12-13 and a Eyewitness News (WABC New York) broadcast.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

News footage of Black Friday sales, in which shoppers line up after Thanksgiving in search of steeply reduced merchandise, can resemble an episode of the classic nature show “Wild Kingdom.”

Shoppers wind neatly along the edges of big box stores like patiently waiting army ants. As doors open, sleep-deprived bargain hunters leap past one another like spawning salmon flinging themselves upstream. At close of business we see bare, dangling store shelves, reminiscent of the gnawed carcasses left behind by a pride of lions.

To those who don’t participate, Black Friday may seem like madness, an exercise in chaos to be avoided at all costs. But for the initiated, the country’s biggest shopping day is something more: a jump start on Christmas shopping and even a ritual worth preserving.

Cyber Monday offers a safer, more civil shopping experience that can be enjoyed from home, local coffee shop, or any other place with internet. However, be careful where/when you shop. U.S. employers have been cracking down on employees using company equipment and company time for non-work-related purposes, including Cyber Monday. As of November 2011, 22% of employers had fired an employee for using the Internet for non-work related activity; 7% of human resource managers surveyed had fired an employee for holiday shopping; and 54% of employers were blocking employees from accessing certain websites.

Our Cyber Monday Promo Code (CMON) will expire at midnight ET tonight. Shop safely our friends!

Holiday Sales are Forthcoming

The past few weeks have been challenging to say the least. In addition to dealing with power outages, gasoline lines/rationing and assisting displaced friends & relatives due to Super-Storm Sandy, we’ve been working overtime to bring you the fabulous Fall introductions that made their debut at the High Point Home Furnishings Trade Show.

New Product Introductions are Here!

And with Thanksgiving and Black Friday around the corner, we have several promotions in the works. In addition to the Factory Authorized Sale by Quoizel going on now, Butler Specialty Furniture and Murray Feiss also have holiday sales forthcoming:

  • Butler Specialty Furniture will roll back prices 15% from November 19th through January 1st.
  • The Murray Feiss Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Promotion will run from November 23rd through November 26th and also offer a 15% price reduction.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for details and plan accordingly. There may be other surprises!

What’s Your Dream Deal of the Day?

We often get questions regarding the deal-of-the-day feature on our website’s home page. Usually on whether a particular product they’ve had their eye on will soon be featured as the Deal of the Day. With approximately 20,000 products in our online store and only one randomly chosen per day, chances of their dream item being marked down 25% for our Deal of the Day run somewhere between making a hole in one (5,000 to 1) and dating a supermodel: (88,000 to 1). Well good news…your odds are about to get significantly better!

What are the odds?

For one day only – this Sunday August 26th – our Deal of the Day will be chosen from your short list of nominations. Just reply to this post with the item number you’d most like to see as our Deal of the Day. One of the items nominated will be chosen at random and be sold at 25% off our everyday low price on 08/26/2012 until midnight EDT.

Visit our Deal of the Day Page on Sunday August 26th to see if your dream came true!

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