Are You Ready For Some…

With tonight’s Green Bay at Seattle game, the National Football League kicks off a new season of play. A year ago the Seahawks won the NFL Championship with a final record of 16-3 while the Packers were 8-8-1.

A special NFL Kickoff Show begins the night at 7:30 p.m. EDT from Seattle. Singer Pharrell Williams will perform prior to the game. WNBC is your home for this season’s opener and for all Thursday night football games.

Paragon 9086 - Football

Product of the Day

Item #: PG-9086
Title: Football
Size: 36″ H x 24″ W x 02″ D
Price: $246.00
Artist: Lee
Designer: Malanta Knowles
Theme: Kids (all ages)
Product Type: Canvas-Oils
Features: Exclusive Giclée, Made in the USA

Happy Valentine’s Day

While the weather outside may be frightful, our new product intros are just delightful! So give Mother Nature the cold-shoulder and snuggle up with Bronson Design.

Almost everyone associates February as the Month of Love. Thanks largely in part to the Valentine’s Day holiday, February seems filled with sizzling colors. Fiery reds and passionate pinks abound – from home decor to delectable edibles. While the celebration of the holiday varies widely, it gives us a good reason to add some much needed color and love to our homes.

Chateau Red Mirror

Howard Elliott 2113R – The Chateau Mirror features an ornate baroque styled open scroll work rectangular frame accented with daisies that is finished in a striking glossy red lacquer.

Love Photo Frames, Set/3

Uttermost 18512 – Chestnut brown frame adorned with colorful artwork. Holds photo sizes: 4×6, 5×7, 8×10. Frame sizes: Sm-9x12x1, Med-10x13x1, Lg-13x16x1

Love Letters Accessories, Set/4

Uttermost 19540 – Each block has either the word LOVE, LIVE, HOME or HOPE on it. Each block is adorned with colorful artwork in which letters can be placed together to spell the words LOVE, HOME or LIVE

Hearts of the City

Uttermost 41824 – This artwork is hand painted on canvas featuring raised areas giving a 3-dimensional effect for added interest. The canvas is stretched and applied to wooden stretching bars.

Glimmer Candlesticks, Set/3

BDS 53022-3 – Pretty in pink, our pink Glimmer candlesticks make the perfect table decoration for a Valentines party or just to add a little pizzazz to your decor. Candles not included.

Incorporating Valentine’s Day into your home is easier than you think. Simple pops of red and pink are the best way to add some spirit. Flowers, while being cliche, are always a welcome site, especially for those of us stuck in the middle of a white winter. Other easy additions are heart-shaped mirrors and of course, candles. It’s all in the details- unexpected reminders of your love are what the day is all about.

Corazon Mirror

Venetian Gems VG-030 Clear – Enhance the elegance of any room with this exquisite Venetian Corazon Mirror. Old world finishing techniques copied from Venice, Italy make the mirrors reminiscent of 16th and 17th century styles with all the original charm and beauty.

However you choose to celebrate this day of love, remember that this is a day to show love not only for others, but for yourself.

They’re Baaaaack!

One of the largest broods of cicadas is expected to hatch in the coming days for the first time in 17 years, and it won’t be long before the bug’s distinct chirp inundates New Jersey.

They emerge from the ground in cycles, once every 17 years, when the soil temperature at about 8 inches below the surface reaches a steady 64 degrees. Within hours of appearing, the bugs go through a metamorphosis, transforming from a flightless, slow-moving nymph stage into a large, flying insect.


Soon after they are swarming the skies, often in tremendous numbers, filling the air with their distinctive mating call – a choppy chirp that, when amplified by the thousands, provides a steady hum under the summertime sun.

That got me thinking of my favorite insect artist/designer Christopher Marley, founder of a company called Pheromone. Christopher arranges insects in the most cleanly symmetrical form possible and displays them in a perfectly antiseptic, inorganic presentation; effectively diminishing the fear of reprisal that large bugs tend to inspire.



The Coleoptera Mosaics are one of his trademark creations and among the most enjoyable to execute. Each piece is created with careful attention to the flow of negative space, complimentary coloration, and the meticulous preparation and selection of each specimen. The appendages are tucked under the body so as not to detract in form or reaction from the striking display of nature’s brilliance. Colors are natural and as many are structural instead of pigmented, as durable as any color in the animal kingdom. Museum quality, 8-ply, acid-free mats generously offset the wash of iridescence in deep, architectural, hermetically-sealed frames. Each piece is signed and labeled and no two are exactly alike. Learn more about the process of turning insects into framed pieces of art in this video.

I wonder if Christopher will be in New Jersey in the upcoming weeks :)

New Arrivals for Spring

We’ve been hard at work adding all the exciting new products our manufacturing partners introduced at the spring market in High Point last month. See over 1400 new intros from your favorite brands on our updated website using the links below – all added within the past few weeks:

New Product Introductions from Uttermost

You’ll be pleased to find exciting new introductions across all of our product categories; Accent FurnitureDecorative AccessoriesArtworkLightingMirrors, Rugs!

We’ll also have an announcement forthcoming. We’ve recently entered an agreement to represent four (4) new exciting high-end brands. A unique collection reflecting the talents of Far Eastern and European artisans combined with the creative efforts of American craftsmen. Authentic, time honored designs reproduced with meticulous attention to detail and color in the old world manner. Striking traditional and transitional creations blending techniques and materials of the past to meet the dictates of today’s designs. These products grace the homes of those who demand unerring quality and consummate good taste. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming weeks!