Bring Dandelions Indoors

Just when it seemed that winter would never ever end, spring announced itself with a bumper crop of dandelions. This triggered a big smile for some people and sent others scrambling for the Ortho Weed-B-Gon. Which type are you? You you are in the latter group, read on…


Dandelion I from Paragon Picture Gallery, $229

Dandelion enthusiasts preach about the medicinal uses of the plant – it fights acne, lowers blood pressure and relieves indigestion, they say – and swap recipes for dandelion tea, dandelion soup, dandelion bread, dandelion quiche. The leaves are delicious sauteed in olive oil and garlic, but then what isn’t? The blossoms are yummy battered and deep fried (ditto).

We don’t actually know anyone who’s ever ingested a dandelion, and we’re not sure we recommend it, especially if it comes from a park where kids and dogs have been frolicking.

Still, we were so delighted to see them this year that we may never yank (or spray) one again. You may even have a desire to bring dandelions indoors!


Wild Dandelion Vases from Cyan Design, $46 – $77


Small Winnipeg Iron Dandelion Sculpture from Arteriors Home, $192


Curran Armchair from Uttermost, $922


Dandelion 6 Lt Pendant from Cyan Design, $3,138

After all – that’s not a weed. It’s a wildflower!